Lay Out a Smooth Path for Your Guests in Lubbock, TX

Lay Out a Smooth Path for Your Guests in Lubbock, TX

You can trust us to pour your residential or commercial concrete walkway

When you need a new commercial or residential concrete walkway, turn to KC Kingdom Concrete, LLC in Lubbock, TX. We can demolish and repour your old walkway or design a new custom walkway for your property. You can even incorporate unique curves and steps into your new walkway.

Schedule your commercial concrete walkway installation by emailing us today.

Customizing your concrete walkway

You may not think a commercial concrete walkway is something you can customize, but our experts know how to make these features look great. We can improve your walkway by using:

  • Radius turns and unique curves
  • Offset sections to create sharp angles
  • Pavers with gaps for an interesting appearance

Additionally, we love to use a broom finish for commercial and residential concrete walkways to add a more complex texture. If you have any questions about our concrete customization options, contact us now.